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Dynamic Window Display
A New Media Retail Concept
New media advertising employs new technology to reach customers, specifically on the Internet.
Consumers are increasingly on the Internet to communicate, receive news and purchase products. Mobile devices may be the most efficient way to reach these technologically savvy consumers.
New media is interactive and Internet driven.
What is Dynamic Window Display?
Dynamic Window Display is for retail shops mixing traditional shop front design with digital technology.
It attracts shoppers with eye catching 3D video mapping of motion graphics, projected on mannequins, art works and backdrops.
Multi-layer holographic display attract shoppers to interact with product advertisement.
It puts out more message for the same window display area.
It allows users to interact with window display.
It can Incorporate multiple QR codes within the same space for various promotions. Capturing of user data via user registration for access to promotions and micro-sites.
We provide a complete suite of turn-key solutions for advanced Dynamic Window Display system:
  • Multimedia Window Display Design consultancy
  • Multimedia hardware system rental
  • Content and advertising design and production - projection mapping
  • Interactive multimedia development
  • Holographic product advertisement
  • 3D video mapping design and projection
  • QR codes micro-sites development
  • Augmented Reality content development
  • Hardware system installation
  • Window display installation
  • Window display maintenance and updates
  • Database creation and back-end web application
  • Mobile apps development
  • Microsite design development and maintenance

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