Project - Exhibit Design, Multimedia Installation, Software production

Can Singapore Collapse? Exhibition - Singapore Discovery Centre, 2012 - Environmental Multimedia
Multimedia System Design Consultancy
Exhibits Design, fabrication and installation
Object Theatre design and fabrication
Multimedia, lighting and AV equipment installation
Immersive effect environment - smoket, seats vibration, wind, surround sound, lighting effects and multi-projection presentation
Graphic design and production
Show control system – Equipment installation, Programming, Integration, Remote Monitoring and Maintenance, provide a fully automatic daily startup and shutdown solution
Exhibition Entrance Area - Introduction
Exhibition Object Theatre - Visual, Wind, Smoke, Vibration, Surround sound effects
Exhibition Graphic information
Learning Experience - Introduction area
Learning Experience - Engaging students in the Object Theatre
Learning Experience - Engaging students in the Object Theatre
Learning Experience - Visual effects in the Object Theatre
Exhibition guides interacting with audience after the show.
Exhibition concept design sketches 1
Exhibition concept design sketches 2
Multimedia Installation - Projection mapping and programming
Multimedia Installation - Effects programming for Object Theatre
Object Theatre Props Design
Exhibition booths area - "Break-column" and floor graphic art
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